International Medicine

Faculty Director: Paul Gianutsos, MD, MPH


The Swedish Family Medicine Residency Program - Cherry Hill emphasizes the importance of the connection between the health of individual patients, their families and their communities. Taking this connection one step further, we recognize that the health of people the world over is increasingly affected by global political, economic, social and environmental forces. With the growing awareness of the world’s increasing interrelatedness in terms of information, goods and services, population fluxes and emerging diseases has come increased interest in learning about healthcare in other countries. Our residency has therefore established an international medicine track to provide residents with interests in international medicine specific training in this area, with an emphasis on learning about medically underserved populations.

International Health AOC

Goal: Residents who are interested in global health will gain knowledge and experience to equip them to continue to participate meaningfully in global health after graduation.  


  • Increase medical knowledge about HIV, TB, malaria, and other conditions that are more prevalent in the developing world

  • Increase comfort with practicing medicine in a resource poor setting

  • Experience healthcare disparity first hand

  • Expand understanding of the interplay between culture and medicine; improve cultural competency

  • Appreciate the geopolitical impact of epidemics on the developing world.

  • Engage with the ethics and root causes that contribute to poor health outcomes among different groups of people

  • Understand and grapple with the role of the first world countries in the global health economy

Requirement to graduate with Global Health AOC:

  • Spend one month working in one of the two global health approved sites, in Malawi or Guatemala


In addition, resident have opportunities to:

  • Attend the global health elective offered through the University of Washington Department of Global Health during the fall

  • Present at the annual AAFP global health or at a WONCA conference

  • Present a global health talk (on one of the global health topics determined by the Global Health committee) during a Wednesday morning global health didactic session.