Maternal Child Health

Faculty Director: Julie Taraday, M.D.


Residents seeking additional expertise in the area of maternal child medicine may opt to broaden and deepen their training by doing the maternal child AOC.  All faculty members practice full spectrum care including OB and pediatrics.  Our faculty and colleagues with special expertise in the area of maternal child medicine can guide your customization of this AOC.



The Maternal-Child Track is designed to provide motivated residents opportunities to:

  1. Facilitate a series of prenatal group visits using the Centering Pregnancy Model.
  2. Deepen their understanding about breastfeeding benefits and barriers.
  3. Enhance bedside breastfeeding counseling and assessment.
  4. Work with midwifes (optional).
  5. Rotate on a c-section team (optional).
  6. Additional training in pediatrics (optional).
  7. Do maternal child oriented research (optional).


Application Requirements

Residents must complete a short essay explaining their interest in maternal child medicine and meet the following requirements in order to be considered:

  1. Must be in good standing.
  2. Must be on track to graduate with adequate outpatient clinic visits and obstetrical continuity deliveries.


Requirements for Completion of the Maternal Child Track

In order to successfully complete the Gynecology Track residents must

  1. Complete the required intern OB rotations.
  2. Complete the required maternal child rotation.
  3. Complete two maternal child elective rotations.
  4. Complete the online reading curriculum on important topics in Maternal Child medicine.
  5. Perform satisfactorily in all rotations related to the AOC.
  6. Prepare and present a final project.


Maternal Child Electives

Designed around your particular interests but must be approved no less than 30 days in advance of the start of the rotation by the Maternal Child AOC coordinator. The Maternal Child AOC faculty can assist you in site selection and planning for rotations.  Rotations may include but aren’t limited to:

  1. Sick newborn care
  2. Inpatient/outpatient pediatric care
  3. Midwifery/low-risk obstetrics
  4. C-section/high-risk obstetrics


Maternal Child Track- Reading Curriculum 

This curriculum is designed to provide a sampling of pertinent and interesting articles covering important topics in Maternal Child medicine. These readings supplement the required readings of the obstetrics and maternal child rotations.

All of these readings are available online. Some require the use of your UW Net ID.


Final Presentation

After completing the curriculum readings and the elective rotations, the final requirement of the track is to prepare a verbal or written presentation on a topic of interest to you in the field of maternal child medicine. In most cases, this should be a formal presentation, given as an R3 talk or in another appropriate forum.