Reproductive Health AOC:

Faculty Director: Jen Flament, MD.


The Reproductive Health Area of Concentration is one of our most popular areas of concentration (AOC).  It allows interested residents to obtain additional training in women’s health, reproductive health, contraception and family planning, and procedures.

As an AOC participant, residents gain leadership skills in numerous ways.  First, they share their acquired expertise with peers at didactics.  AOC residents coordinate and run didactics on options counseling as well as a hands-on, procedural session.  They facilitate reproductive health journal club every other month on a variety of topics that inform our practice.  They also serve as support to their peers as mentors and clinical resources.

A requirement of the Reproductive Health AOC is to develop and produce a scholarly project.  The project is determined by individual resident interest and needs assessments of their community and continuity clinics.  Some previous projects have included:

  • Developing miscarriage management protocols for continuity clinics.

  • Publishing a paper in a peer reviewed journal.

  • Writing note templates for gynecologic procedures and reproductive health visits.

  • Writing a comprehensive longitudinal reproductive health curriculum which was presented nationally at the annual Society of Teachers of Family Medicine conference.

  • Creating a residency reproductive health webpage to compile resources, contacts, key journal articles and guidelines.

Swedish Family Medicine Cherry Hill is also a proud member of the CREATE collaboration with the other three urban Seattle Family Medicine residencies.  As a member of this coalition, residents are able to network with local providers and residents with similar interests, gain additional training in practice management and procedures, become involved with legislative and policy campaigns and present their scholarly projects regionally.

Reproductive Health Curriculum

For more information contact Faculty Director: Jen Flament, MD