Sports Medicine

Faculty Director: Joe Shamseldin, M.D.


Multiple studies have documented the high percentage of patients who present to Family Physicians for care with musculoskeletal problems. Unfortunately, these studies also document how inadequately trained most Family Medicine graduates are to optimally caring for these patients. At Swedish Family Medicine Residency Cherry Hill, we are proud to offer an outstanding core curriculum and the opportunity for advanced training in Sports Medicine.


Goals & Objectives for Advanced Training AOC in Sports Medicine

Upon completion of the Sports Medicine AOC, the graduate should have the skills and knowledge to competently serve as a Team Physician for sports teams in his / her community and to be the Primary Care Sports Medicine Consultant within his / her practice group.  

In addition to mastering core competency for care of patients with common musculoskeletal problems, residents who wish to complete the advanced training in Sports Medicine will have the opportunity to:

  1. Work side by side with an experienced Family Physician with CAQ in Sports Medicine and many years of Sports Medicine experience, as co team physician for a team of the resident’s choosing. Multiple sports, all ages and both sexes are available for resident participation.
  2. Work closely with certified athletic trainers on the field and in training room for injury evaluation and preventative taping.
  3. Assist with multiple injury assessments, treatment, rehabilitation and return to play criteria.
  4. Learn state of the art pre-participation sports medicine assessment with emphasis on identification of high risk medical and orthopedic conditions which can be addressed in a preventative way to optimize athletic performance and minimize injury.
  5. Work with physical therapists and strength coaches to identify core flexibility and strength deficiencies.
  6. Learn more about psychology, nutrition, supplements and training techniques to optimize sports performance.
  7. Take advantage of multiple elective opportunities with other experienced sports health professionals who specialize in selected areas of Sports Medicine. All Seattle’s professional team physicians practice at Swedish Hospital and have offered elective opportunities for our resident with special interest in Sports Medicine.


Application Requirements

Any resident in the Swedish Family Medicine Cherry Hill Residency  can participate in the Advanced Training in Sports Medicine AOC if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be in good standing in the residency, performing well on all rotations and meeting all residency requirements without problems. Otherwise it is felt that the resident needs to focus on deficient core knowledge acquisition.
  2. Must be on track to graduate with adequate outpatient clinic visits and obstetrical continuity deliveries.
  3. Must be acceptable to the Team Physician, trainers, coaches and teams.
  4. Must be felt by the faculty that this resident can take on the extra load of advanced knowledge acquisition without negatively affecting his / her ability to become an outstanding family physician.


Requirements for Completion of the Sports Medicine AOC

  1. Remain in good standing in the residency, doing well on all rotations and meeting all residency requirements without problems.
  2. Demonstrate continued ability to learn the breadth of family medicine while focusing on advanced sports medicine training.
  3. Actively participate as co team physician for at least one team being present for the majority of games and being available by pager to the trainers and faculty team physician. Being co-team physician for one or more teams during the second and third year of residency is recommended.
  4. Maintain excellent communication when seeing injured athletes with team trainer and faculty team physician. Document sports medicine assessments well.
  5. Demonstrate continued growing knowledge of sports medicine.
  6. Attend a relevant CME program, approved by the AOC director.
  7. Present an article at journal club relevant to the topic.
  8. Present a sports medicine didactic.
  9. Spend a minimum of 2 rotations or 200 hours above and beyond the core requirements for all residents devoted to this area of concentration. Multiple excellent sports medicine experiences will be available from which the resident can choose to meet this requirement. The resident may also set up his or her own sports medicine experience not on the pre developed list and count it against this requirement if experience is approved by the AOC director.
  10. Evaluation of the all educational experiences within this AOC is mandatory in order to help us make it continually better.
  11. To receive a nationally recognized certificate of successful completion of advanced training in sports medicine, the resident must pass an oral or written (resident’s choice) and practical exam given by the sports medicine AOC director. Questions in this examination will come directly for the required reading or lectures provided. No questions will be asked that have not been specifically taught during the residency. If initial performance is not considered at advanced level, resident may retake the exam. Putting in the time is not enough; residents must demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in sports medicine. The AOC director will do anything to help resident acquire this knowledge and strive to continually see to it that the resident is having fun doing it.


Sports Medicine AOC Required Reading beyond Core Curriculum

  1. Handouts from sports medicine lectures.
  2. Clinical Sports Medicine; Brukner, Peter and Khan, Karim; McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Second Edition, 2004.
  3. Specific articles obtained for the resident by the AOC director pertaining to athletes seen with problems not adequately covered by above reading material.

This material should be read and understood. The Sports Medicine AOC Director will be available for questions at any time.