R1: Family Medicine Service

(4 Rotations)


Family Medicine Service

  • Family medicine service caring for the inpatient needs of the patients from our five Seattle residency clinics and our greater community
  • Incredible cultural/language/disease process diversity of our patients who come from:
    • Swedish Family Medicine – Cherry Hill Campus
    • Seattle Indian Health Board
    • Sea Mar
    • Sea Mar Nursing Home
    • Carolyn Downs
    • Country Doctor
    • International District Clinic
    • Holly Park
  • Superb, culturally-sensitive, evidence-based inpatient care
  • Caring for medicine, obstetric and pediatric patients concurrently just as a community physician would
  • Excellent teaching/training
  • Formal curriculum (daily scheduled teaching) in medicine, pediatrics, radiology, pharmacology
  • Experiential curriculum in full spectrum inpatient family medicine
  • Procedural opportunities: lumbar puncture, central lines, arterial lines, peritoneal tap, pleural tap, chest tube, running codes, obstetrics
  • Team structure: 4 R1s; 2 R2s; 1 R3 chief
  • Residents from all training sites work together
  • FUN, rigorous, teamwork atmosphere

Intern Responsibilities

    • Medicine and pediatric admissions and management
    • Always supervised by senior resident
    • Cross cover on team

Intern Call

  • Modified Q4 call schedule with 12-16 hour shifts

Intern Clinic Schedule

  • 1 afternoon clinic per week