R2: Geriatrics

(1 Rotation)


  • Residents learn to competently perform evaluation and treatment of Geriatric patients in a variety of settings.  They will work with multi-disciplinary care teams and play a role in care coordination across a continuum of care.  Residents will work with patients and families and become comfortable leading discussions about advanced care planning.
  • During this rotation, the resident will self-schedule 3 of the half-days.
  • Residents gain a great introduction to Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACEs) while rotating at Providence ElderPlace. 
  • Residents have time set aside for Geriatric panel review of their continuity patients.
  • Residents attend multi-disciplinary hospice conference and then join a hospice physician for home hospice visits.
  • This rotation is in addition to the longitudinal geriatric curriculum.