R1: Surgery Outpatient and Specialty Care

(0.5 Rotation)


  • Work with colorectal surgeons to learn management of anal fissures, hemorrhoids, constipation as well as master the skill of anoscopy.

  • Rotate with a breast surgeon and specialized ARNPs at the Swedish Breast Center.

  • Shadow at the Gestational Diabetes clinic and participate in patient care.

  • Work with wound care specialists at the Wound Center and learn about essentials in wound management, cellulitis, edema and vascular insufficiency.

  • Rotate with a podiatrist to master a foot and ankle exam and learn about management of common complaints.

  • Master first trimester dating ultrasound at the Seamar ultrasound clinic.

  • Learn skills in Occupational Medicine including evaluation of new work injuries, employment exams, medical surveillance of work sites, physical therapy in the treatment of work injuries, and Work Task Simulation as a screening tool.