Mentoring Tomorrow's Leaders Today

At Swedish Family Medicine Residency Cherry Hill we train family doctors to be clinically excellent physicians, leaders within healthcare, leaders within their community, and advocates for social justice.  In addition to training family physician residents, we have a long tradition of training medical students through a 4 week sub-internship experience.  We believe that extending training to medical students is our responsibility and serves as one strategy to fulfilling our mission.  We know that our residents and faculty are able to build and hone their skills through teaching each other as well as teaching medical students.  We also know that a patient’s experience of care is enhanced through being cared for by a physician who teaches.  Finally, we believe that one strategy to address the systemic ills of the US healthcare system is to work to build a robust pipeline of medical students entering the field of family medicine.  Through working with our team of physicians, residents and staff, you will gain a firsthand understanding of our program and will be able to experience our brand of family medicine.  We are deeply committed to full spectrum family medicine and clinical excellence.  Moreover, we are committed to using that expertise to care for underserved and disadvantaged indivduals and communities.  We are staunch advocates for social justice and are committed to using our power and privilege as physicians to undo institutional racism within healthcare and our society. 

**Please note: All of the 2019-2020 sub-I spots have been filled.**

If you are interested in pursuing one of our family medicine sub-internship spots, please let us know.  We are seeking applicants who have:

  • committed to a career in family medicine

  • demonstrated excellence in all core clinical clerkships (Primary Care, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN)

  • demonstrated commitment to working with and advocating for underserved and disadvantaged populations.

Students should review the goals and objectives of the course, consult the calendar for current availability and contact the Program Manager to confirm the desired dates before beginning the application process.