Scholarly Activity

Resident Scholarly Activity

Sholund, Kelsey PGY1

“Recruiting Residents to a new RTT” by Rob Epstein, Laura Diamond, Jonathan Motts and Kelsey Sholund

Presented at the RTT Collaborative Annual Meeting 2018 (4/11-4/13 in Spokane, WA)

Motts, Jonathan PGY1

“Recruiting Residents to a new RTT” by Rob Epstein, Laura Diamond, Jonathan Motts and Kelsey Sholund 

Presented at the RTT Collaborative Annual Meeting 2018 (4/11-4/13 in Spokane, WA)

Burnell, Joshua PGY3

Swedish Grand Rounds, “ Living in the Shadows: Caring for undocumented Latino immigrants in the US” , 4/19/18

Low, Daniel PGY1


1.     “End-of-Life Palliative Care Practices and Referrals in Uganda.” Low D, Namukwaya E, Merkel E, Orem J, Ddungu H, Leng M, Casper C. AORTIC. 2017.

2.     “Chemotherapy Use at the End of Life in Uganda.” Low D, Namukwaya E, Merkel E, Orem J, Ddungu H, Leng M, Casper C. AORTIC. 2017.

3.      “End-of-Life Palliative Care Practices and Referrals in Uganda.” Low D, Namukwaya E, Merkel E, Orem J, Ddungu H, Leng M, Casper C. African Palliative Care Association Conference 2017.

4.     “Chemotherapy Use at the End of Life in Uganda.” Low D, Namukwaya E, Merkel E, Orem J, Ddungu H, Leng M, Casper C. African Palliative Care Association Conference 2017.


1.     Bender Ignacio R, Ghadrshenas M, Low D, Orem J, Casper C, Phipps W. HIV Status and Associated Clinical Characteristics among Adult Cancer patients at the Uganda Cancer Institute. J Glob Onc. November 2017. DOI: 10.1200/JGO.17.00112.

2.     Low D, Merkel EC, Menon M, Loggers E, Ddungu H, Leng M, Namukwaya E, Casper C. End-of-Life Palliative Care Practices and Referrals in Uganda. J Pall Med. October 2017. DOI: 10.1089/jpm.2017.0257.

Fricke, Beth PGY3

Swedish Grand Rounds,  Mindfulness, Movement, and Needles: Treating Chronic Low Back Pain. 6/21/18

Alger, Mikaela PGY3

Swedish Grand Rounds. NAS: Improving Experiences and Outcomes. Co-presented with. 12/21/2017. 

Ho, Tiffany PGY2

Ho T, Alavi M, Stisher C, Richardson E, Bentley A, Kelly C. What do 4th year medical students from around the country say about family medicine?. Oral Presentation at Society of Teachers of Family Medicine; 2018 February 3; Austin, Tx

Ho T, Alavi M, Stisher C, Richardson E, Kelly C, McCrory K. Moving the needle on students choosing family medicine: How to make an impact. Oral presentation at American Academy of Family Physicians National Conference; 2017 July 28; Kansas City, MO

Laskow, Bari PGY2

Laskow, B, et al, A pilot study of community‐based self‐sampling for HPV testing among non‐attenders of cervical cancer screening programs in El Salvador.  Int J Obs and Gyn, 138 (2) June 2017, 194 – 200.

Maza M, Figueroa R, Laskow B, et al,  Effects of Maintenance on Quality of Performance of Cryotherapy Devices for Treatment of Precancerous Cervical Lesions, J Low Genit Tract Dis. 2018 Jan;22(1):47-51.

Cooley, E PGY3

Swedish Grand Rounds Mindfulness, needles and Movement: Treating Chronic Back Pain, 6/21/18

Global Health Presentation: Extrapulmonary TB: Case Studies from Malawi, Global Health Seminar, Swedish Medical Center 4/30/18

Faculty Scholarly Activity

Dr. Bill Alto


Malaika S, Victoria H, Keppel GA,  Alto W, et al Patient knowledge about antibiotics and willingness to have tests to guide antibiotic use for respiratory tract infections in family medicine clinics JABFM 2017 (in press).

Dr. Kristin Anderson


“Grey and Gay: A Discussion of Health Disparities of LGBTQ Elders”  Grand Rounds, University of Washington Department of Geriatrics. Harborview Medical Center.  16 February 2018

“Grey and Gay: A Discussion of Health Disparities of LGBTQ Elders”  FAMMED 561 LGBTQ Health and Health Disparities course at UW School of Medicine. 13 November 2017

“Community Resources for Active Older Adults” “Falls” “Polypharmacy & BEERs List”  ICHS ARNP Resident Didactic Series.  8 August 2017.

Dr. Michael Erickson

OHSU/AMSSM Intermediate MSK US Conference Portland OR , Faculty and lecturer (MSK US Exam of the Shoulder,

Swedish Ortho Symposium for Primary Care Seattle , WA (casting and Splinting Workshop, Lecture: Shoulder Trauma, 

Transforming Population Health Through Community-Clinical Linkages at the YMCA, Swedish Medical Center Seattle, WA (Lecturer and Organizer)

Dr. Rob Epstein


Rural Undergraduate Medical Education Leadership Curriculum, training students to be rural physician leaders. WONCA 14th World Rural Health Conference in Cairns, Australia, May 1 2017.

Dr. Jennifer Flament


Flament J.  Miscarriage Management, Options Counseling and Contraception.  ICHS Nurse Practitioner Residency; 15 June 2017; Seattle, WA.

Flament J. Fostering White Allyship in Medicine: Activities to Promote Skills in Confronting Microaggressions.  Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Spring Conference; 6 May 2017; Washington, DC..

Dr. Paul Gianutsos


Rudolf, V, Rudolf G, Gianutsos LP et al, A Non-Opioid Protocol for Outpatient Opioid Detoxification and Transition to Antagonist Treatment, J Addict Med, 2016; Volume 10, Number 3, e5.


Medications for Alcohol Use Disorder, Family Medicine Update Live Course, Washington, DC, 6/21, 2017

Tackling the Opioid Mortality Epidemic, Family Medicine Update Live Course, Washington, DC, 6/21, 2017

Buprenorphine Course Director, Swedish Family Medicine Residency, 3/23/17

Creating a safe and positive learning environment in residency around treatment of chronic pain.  Faculty Development Webinar, University of Washington Family Medicine Network (Five State WWAMI Region), 2/1/17

Buprenorphine Course Director, Valley Family Medicine Residency, Renton, WA 1/30/17

Neonatal abstinence syndrome in infants of women maintained on buprenorphine.  Manuscript in process.

Buprenorphine prescribing among graduates of family medicine residency: experience makes a difference.

Dr. Socia Love-Thurman

Guh, J., S. Love-Thurman, J. Taraday.  "Inequality Kills: One residency's approach to increasing awareness and improving racial disparities." PDW & RPS Residency Education Symposium  March 2018. 

Dr. Mary Puttman-Kosteca, MD


Wang, K., Puttmann-Kostecka, M. et al “Vacca Vaccum Workshop.” Presented during “High Risk OB Care for the Family Physician CME.” Swedish, March 2018.

Puttmann-Kostecka, M., Aleinikoff, S., Zhang, Y., and Najafi, R., “A Multi-residency Refugee Health Elective: Successes and Challenges” Presentation North American Refugee Health Conference. June 2018. Portland, OR.

Dr. Barry Saver, MD, MPH


Longo DR, Crabtree BF, Pellerano MB, Howard J, Saver B, Hannan EL, Lee J, Lundberg MT, Sabo R.  A Qualitative Study of Vulnerable Patient Views of Type 2 Diabetes Consumer Reports. Patient. 2016;9(3):231-40. doi: 10.1007/s40271-015-0146-83.

Mullin DJ, Saver B, Savageau JS, Forsberg L, Forsberg L.  Evaluation of Online and In-Person Motivational Interviewing Training for Healthcare Providers.  Families, Systems and Health, online first publication August 29, 2016.

Earls ST, Savageau JA, Begley S, Saver BG, Sullivan K, Chuman A. Implementing Scribes in an Academic Family Medicine Practice. J Family Practice, in press.

 Saver BG, Mazor KM, Luckmann R, Cutrona SL, Hayes M, Gorodetsky T, Esparza N, Bacigalupe G. Persuasive Interventions for Controversial Cancer Screening Recommendations: Testing a Novel Approach to Help Patients Make Evidence-Based Decisions. Annals of Family Med, in press.


“Unobtrusive Sensing of Medication Intake (‘USE-MI’).”  National Institute of Mental Health, grant number 1R01MH109319, 9/25/15-6/30/19.  Barry Saver, MD and Jenna Marquard, PhD, co-Principal Investigators.

Dr. Tanmeet Sethi

Publications: Selected as chapter author for Integrative Gastroenterology, 2nd edition, Oxford press, completed and to be published in 2018


Jan 2018: Webinar presented nationally through Center for Mind Body Medicine for Mind, Mood and Food CME. “Using Whole Foods as Medicine: A Primer on Treating Chronic Inflammation with Food”

May 2018: STFM Annual Spring 2018 Conference. Guh, J. Krinsky, L. Sethi, T. White-Davis, T. Edgoose, J. “Racial Identity Caucusing: A Powerful Tool to Address Inequity That's Not as Scary as You Think”

May 2018: Seattle Children’s Hospital. Grand Rounds, Rehab Department. “Thrive Instead of Survive: Tools for Clinician Sustainability”

June 2018: Swedish CME Faculty: Metabolic Health and Nutrition Across the Lifespan. “Metabolic Health Meets the Mind: Why How You Eat May Solve the What to Eat Conundrum”

Dr. Julie Taraday


Wong, H., Price, J. Puttmann-Kostecka, M., Taraday, J, Ashbaugh, E. “If You Build It, It Can Happen! Resident Driven Establishment of an Official CenteringPregnancy Program” STFM May 2017 Annual Conference

Dr. Shannon Waterman


WWAMI Family Medicine Network Faculty Development Webinar Series

(Co-organizer with Marcia McGuire, Regional Educator, WWAMI Network and frequent presenter)

“Teaching Residents to be Teachers” Co-presenter: Dr. Kim Collins February 2018

“Program Support for In-Training Exams: Individual Education Plans and OSCEs” Co-presenters: Kelli Christensen, MD; A.J. Weinhold, MD; Laila Siddiqui, MD  January 2018

“Teaching Professionalism” Co-presenter Dr. Julie Taraday November 2017

WWAMI Family Medicine Network Faculty Development Fellowship Faculty Presentations

“ACGME Rules & Accreditation Details,” and “Common Program Challenges: Procedural Training” May 2018

“Developing Areas of Concentration (AOCs),” “Active Learning,” “Progression of Residents and Qualifying for the Supervisory Role,” and “Progression of Residents and Qualifying for the Supervisory Role” March 2018

“Advising Around Residents' Development Level” and “Resident Recruitment” January 2018

 “Advising and Mentoring” and “Individual Education Plan (IEP) Debrief”  October 2017

“Early Detection & Intervention Approaches with Residents in Difficulty” July 2017

“Precepting in Clinic” July 2016, July 2017

Dr. Jacqueline Wong


Wong J, Saver B, Scanlan J, Gianutsos L, Bhakta Y, Walsh J, Plawman A, Sapienza D and Rudolf V.  Does maternal buprenorphine dose affect severity or incidence of neonatal abstinence syndrome?   Accepted for publication, in process.


Wong J.  “HDA Elective”.  Regional presentation at UW Faculty Development Fellowship.  May 24, 2018

Rudolf V, Brown L, Walsh J, Wong J, Gianutsos P, Peterson L and Plawman A.  “Improving Nursing Provider Attitudes Toward Pregnant Women with Opioid Use Disorder.”  Poster presentation at ASAM Annual Conference, 13-14 April 2018, San Diego, CA. 

Distinguished Awards, Recognition and Articles

2019 Family Medicine Educator of the Year, Washington Academy of Family Physicians-
Louis Paul Gianutsos, MD, MPH

2017 Massachusetts Family Physician of the Year - Kelly Holland, MD

Wisconsin Public Radio Broadcast: Cherry Hill Graduate, Erik Brodt, MD, Inspires Young Native Youth to Study Medicine

Cherry Hill Resident (Graduate), Jonathan Wells, MD, wins the 2013 Roy Virak Memorial Family Medicine Scholarship Award (PDF file)

Shattering Glass Ceilings - Article by John H. Vassall II, MD - September 2012 (PDF file)

Carolyn Downs Resident (Graduate), Jessica Cowan, MD, wins the 2012 Roy Virak Memorial Family Medicine Scholarship Award (PDF file)

"It Was a Beautiful Spring Day and I Was On Call" - Article by former SIHB resident - Arne Vainio, MD (PDF file)

"Primary Care of Refugees" - Article by former resident Shoshana Aleinkoff, MD (PDF file)

Sam Cullison - 2010 Family Medicine Educator of the Year (PDF file)

Jeremia Bernhardt, MD - President-Elect of Washington Academy of Family Physicians

  • 2007 Seattle Met Top Doctors

  • 2011 Seattle Met Top Doctors

  • 2012 Seattle Met Top Doctors

Swedish Doctors Provide School Physicals in Tukwila (PDF file)

Mountains & Minds Article - The Long Road Home - Featuring LeeAnna Muzquiz (PDF file)