Carolyn Downs Training Site

Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center was founded in 1968 by the Seattle Black Panther party and has been an important cornerstone in this traditionally African American neighborhood. The clinic was named for one of its founders, Carolyn Downs, who died from cervical cancer.

Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center (CDFMC) is one of the two Country Doctor Community Health Center clinics, located in the heart of the Central District of Seattle, just a half-mile from Swedish - Cherry Hill. It is a federally qualified community health center (FQHC) whose mission is to improve the health of our community by providing high quality, caring, culturally appropriate primary health care that addresses the needs of people regardless of their ability to pay. 
We serve a population that consists of approximately 40% African American, 40% Latino, and a wide variety of immigrants. Spanish is a very common language heard around the clinic. We also take care of a growing immigrant population. Residents will see an active OB population, do a wide range of procedures, and see a diverse range of patients across the life spectrum. Country Doctor Community Clinic, the sister clinic of CDFMC, is located a couple miles away and has a special focus in HIV medicine. 
Among the many services provided at Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center

  • Adolescent care
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • HIV care & case management
  • Transgender care
  • On-site pharmacy
  • Geriatric assessments

The faculty at CDFMC is made up of 7 family physicians (4 Swedish grads), and our provider team is rounded out with several mid-level providers. We have a multi-disciplinary team focus of care that incorporates triage RNs, OB nurse, behavioral health consultants, diabetic educator, clinical social worker and nutritionist. The Carolyn Downs training site accepts two residents in each year of training.

To hear it in their own words, clink this link below to watch the November 8, 2014 video in which residents tell what they enjoy most about their Carolyn Downs training experience.


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